About Keegan DeNicola

Keegan, DeNicola, Kiesel, Bagwell, Juban & Lowe, LLC was established in January 2010. Its founding partners' intent was to put a broad spectrum of experience, talent and expertise in a streamlined package, combining the capacities of a larger firm with the inherent efficiency and responsiveness of a smaller group. The end result – and the firm’s overriding goal – is the highest level of representation and service for our clients at competitive rates. At the heart of that objective is a keen awareness of the role our legal services play in the broader business interests of our clients.

One of our firm’s primary strengths is the decades of commercial litigation experiencee among our attorneys. That experience runs the gamut from complex, national disputes involving Fortune 500 companies to local representation of community businesses, large and small. We handle cases in federal and state courts in all regions of the country, and have experience with litigation involving everything from ordinary contract disputes to federal RICO, bank fraud, and qui tam actions resulting in multi-million dollar judgments and settlements. While our firm practices regularly in federal courts, we also bring extensive local experience to the table and offer in depth familiarity with the intricacies of Louisiana law. This diverse litigation history has allowed our attorneys to accrue a wealth of trial and appellate experience, ranging from proceedings before local courts and administrative bodies to the various federal courts of appeal and the U.S. Supreme Court, before which several of our attorneys are admitted to practice.

Our firm also does more than litigate. We advance our clients’ business and other financial interests in a diverse transactional and business consulting practice. Our attorneys have extensive experience negotiating and drafting contracts, both simple and complex, including everything from basic business formation to real estate transactions to corporate acquisitions. We also offer succession and estate planning services. In these areas of our practice, our personnel remain ever mindful of an attorney’s proper role outside the courtroom: to aggressively protect and advance the client’s interests while facilitating the transaction of business.